Learn to Dance Like a Mouseketeer With This Club Mickey Mouse Dance Tutorial

It’s no secret that ever since the talented Mouseketeers of Club Mickey Mouse first burst onto the scene, we’ve longed to dance as effortlessly as they do. Their latest Back to School special is filled with singing, dancing, and good times, meaning our desire to bust a move in Mouseketeer fashion has dramatically intensified. Luckily, Club Mickey Mouse just released a dance tutorial for their new song, so now we can all sway like Mouseketeers! We’ll be watching this over and over until we nail all the steps:


We may not be the most coordinated humans on the dance floor, but this dance tutorial is getting us that much closer to fulfilling our dancing dreams (and giving us new moves for our repertoires). And for that, we thank you, Club Mickey Mouse!

Scroll down to watch the full music video for “Ready Set Go!,” featuring former Mouseketeer JC Chasez!

Posted 2 years Ago
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