Try to Not Look Away from This Mesmerizing Disney Art

There’s something about watching art get created that can be intrinsically soothing and yes, mesmerizing. Don’t believe us? We put together a collection of Disney art that totally transfixes us, featuring some incredible works of art by talented artists we love. Prepare to get lost in it:


Yes! We were so in the zone during that. We never knew this about ourselves, but we could watch someone embroider all day, especially if they’re embroidering Inside Out characters! Many thanks to embroidery artist Katie Bettini for helping us come to that realization. Same goes for Mickey Mouse haircuts (by Rob the Original), Aladdin sand art (also by Rob the Original), and The Lion King food art (by Alison Korth).

What was your favorite work of art from the video?

Posted 1 year Ago
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