8 Classic Pieces of Concept Art to Celebrate 90 Years of Mickey Mouse

Our love for Mickey Mouse has grown as much as his look over the past nine decades! While the Disney character has evolved significantly since his 1928 appearance in Steamboat Willie, he’s still as charismatic and whimsical as ever. We’ve experienced too many good times to count with Mickey leading the way! In honor of his 90th anniversary, now is the perfect time for a walk down nostalgia lane to celebrate our best memories with Mickey. Join us and marvel at these eight amazing animation drawings and story sketches of Mickey:

Character Model Sheet (1930s)

Artist: Les Clark

Cel Set Up (1930)

Disney Studio Artist

Concept Art, Hawaiian Holiday (1937)

Disney Studio Artist

Story Sketches, Fantasia, “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” (1940)

Disney Studio Artist

Story Sketch (1941)

Disney Studio Artist

Character Model Sheet (1950s)

Artist: Tom Oreb

Publicity, Mickey Mouse March (1950s)

Disney Studio Artist

Story Sketch, Mickey Mouse March (1950s)

Disney Studio Artist

Which one do you like the most? We have way more than just one favorite Mickey moment from the past decades!

Posted 2 years Ago
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