Brie Larson Is So Fierce in the New Captain Marvel Poster and Trailer

Ever since the first trailer and poster for Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel were released, we have been in total awe of Brie Larson and her overall awesomeness in the movie. The new trailer that was dropped tonight just further confirms our suspicions: Brie Larson is the fiercest person in all the land. Watch the trailer now and see if you agree:


That trailer just gave us life! Also giving us life? This newly revealed poster for Captain Marvel:

A blonde woman on a movie poster wears a super suit and stares intensely into the camera as her body and hair appear to have an electrical charge to them. She is in front of a blue and red graphic background. The poster says "Marvel Studios Captain Marvel, "In Real D 3D and Imax March 8" and includes a cast and crew list.

Are you kidding me? Brie Larson is literally electrifying in her excellence. How do I get my hair to glow like that? We stan forever and always. Let the countdown to March 8 commence!

Posted 1 year Ago
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