The Many Emotional Stages of Opening a Vinylmation

You’re having a normal day at Disneyland, hitting your favorite rides, enjoying some sweet cinnamon and sugar, but we all know you have one last thing to do before you head home. It’s the oldest story in the (Vinylmation) book: anticipation, excitement, bliss, sometimes disappointment. Hopefully not rage. You know the feelings we’re talking about. Let’s get on with it–it’s too hard to have a Vinylmation in our possession without opening it to see which one we got!

It all starts right before you catch a tram back to Mickey & Friends Parking Structure. You just have to stop at World of Disney to see if they have any new Vinylmation.
World of Disney Store
You walk in and scan the layout, looking for the glorious shelves stocked with those beautiful, tiny boxes.

World of Disney Store

You turn a corner and it’s love at first sight. Have you ever seen so many beautiful Vinylmation just waiting to be scooped up and brought home?!

Disney store Vinylmation

You carefully make your selection, weigh the pros and cons of each, trying to remember what you need to finish your collection. You finally decide, make your purchase, and they put your new best buddies in a bag…

Disney Store bag

…but we all know that your Vinylmation will be in said bag for about ten seconds before you can’t take it anymore and get on with OPENING THE BOX. Gasp!

Villains Vinylmation

You try to hold out a little, make that glorious pre-Vinylmation-box-opening feeling of anticipation last, but alas you are only human and you commence the cardboard mangling.

Disney Villains Vinylmation

Then the box starts getting in on the fun, reminding you that there’s no turning back once the Vinylmation unveiling has begun.

Disney Villains Vinylmation

We get it, box! Yes, we are ready. Yes, we are prepared!

Disney Villains Vinylmation

Finally, the box is open, and you see that silver wrapper shining up at you. In the words of the great Rafiki, “It is time.”

Disney Villains Vinylmation

Next comes the best part of opening a Vinylmation: tearing that wrapper! All you can think is “What’s it going to be? What’s it going to be? Please be a good one! Please be a good one!”

Disney Villains Vinylmation

You see his little feet peeking out from the wrapper, “OH MY DISNEY, WHAT COULD IT BE?!?!”

Disney Villains Vinylmation

Triumphant music plays! The horns of victory sound! It’s exactly the one you needed for your collection! Today is your lucky day! You chose wisely!

Disney Villains Smee Vinylmation

OR, you got Ratigan again and you have to make a trade. We’ve all been there. Oh well, that’s the name of the game, and you live to vinyl another day.

Posted 8 years Ago
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