Matterhorn Snowman: Total Softie?

Gather round guys, we have a story to tell. It’s the tale of a misunderstood abominable snowman, who—despite his terrifying glowing red eyes and his undeniably angry demeanor—is a really great person (monster?). Sure, he lives in the Matterhorn at Disneyland and seems to exist only to freak us out when the ride turns that really sharp corner. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t totally sweet on the inside. Oh, by the way, his name is Harold. Don’t believe us? Well maybe you shouldn’t because this is something we made up based on the world we’d like to live in. This is just what we imagine might potentially have happened…


In 1978 the Wells Expedition set out for the peak itself. They found lots of things.
For example, these extra large ice crystals.


But what intrigued them the most is what was left behind.
That’s a big foot. (We crack ourselves up over here.)


Since that fateful day they’ve been keeping a secret. Harold, an all-around good guy, (again, in our minds) was a lonely abominable snowman. He enjoyed screaming at people more than anything, his way of saying hello, and didn’t understand why they would run away at the sight of him. (Grab the tissues.)
But our trusty (completely imaginary) team had a solution to Harold’s problem! A place where he could scream to his heart’s content and simultaneously bring joy to the hearts of humans of all ages on the thrilling Matterhorn Bobsleds.


And so, dear readers, our entirely fabricated story has a happy ending. Harold gets to say hello to his adoring fans on a daily basis and takes pride in the fact that the line for the Matterhorn usually wraps around the mountain itself.
Harold, keep screaming friend. We know you’re just saying hello.

Posted 8 years Ago
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