Disney Characters (and their Shadows) Visit Local Mall, Magic Ensues

It was a typical day in Long Island, New York… or so these shoppers thought. They were walking through the mall, talking on their phones, dreaming of new outfits, etc., but watch what happens when they pass a particularly magical storefront:



Don’t try to tell us that what you just saw didn’t put a huge grin on your face. You’re human, so we know it did. Wasn’t that just the best? We got to speak to the people who created this video on their inspiration and bringing magic to an everyday setting:


Us: What was your goal with this video?
Secret Video Makers: Our goal was to surprise & delight people to help remind them that everyone has a side of them that laughs more, plays more, and plain has more fun — we call it our Disney Side.


Us: Why Long Island, NY?
SVM: We were looking for a shopping mall somewhere cold, in the middle of winter. Long Island was a match.


Us: How did you determine which characters captured mall visitors’ Disney Side?
SVM: We didn’t. Our characters were behind it all ;)


Us: How did you do it?
SVM: Disney magic, of course.


Us: How many people caught their Disney (shadow) alter-ego?
SVM: We were on location for a couple of days, so lots of people were able to show their Disney Side. Many more than you see in the final video.


Us: Will you be at other malls?
SVM: You never know. Stay tuned and be sure to follow Disney Parks Blog for any future plans.


There you have it, friends. The next time you’re at your local mall you might be in for some extra magic. (Fingers crossed.)

Posted 6 years Ago
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