Unexpectedly Delicious Disney Parks Food Combos

Here at Oh My Disney, we go to Disneyland and Disney World a lot for work. And we have made it our business, nay, our duty, to try all of the food at these places. We’ve done epic food crawls involving pumpkins, diamonds, and holidays, from Disney Cruises to Disney World to Disney California Adventure. Most recently, Oh My Disney went on a few epic food crawls at Disneyland, like this ice cream crawl. Every once in awhile, one brave Oh My Disney editor will try out a food combination that seems like it won’t work, but changes everything. These combos are so delicious, we need to share them with you:

1. Combo: Popcorn + Churro

Location: Disneyland or Disney World

Popcorn and Churro

So simple, yet so delicious. This combination will perfectly satisfy your salty/sweet cravings all at once and fuel you for another ride on Thunder Mountain.

2. Combo: Fries from Galactic Grill + Ice Cream from Gibson Girl

Location: Disneyland

Galactic Grill Fries and Gibson Girl Ice Cream Disneyland

This is perhaps a more commonly known combo, and the fries and ice cream at Disneyland do not disappoint. The key here is to dip a fry (while it’s still hot) into the ice cream and repeat until all of the fries and ice cream are gone. This is extra delightful when your ice cream has toppings on it!

3. Combo: Mickey Pretzel + Mickey Ice Cream bar

Location: Disneyland or Disney World

Mickey pretzel and Mickey ice cream bar

Combine two of the greatest Mickey treats ever for one delicious meal. For best results, place the Mickey ice cream bar on top of the Mickey pretzel (since it is larger), and eat them like a sandwich. Share the sandwich with a friend and plan your next stop at the park.

4. Combo: Lobster Nachos from Cove Bar + Pineapple Spears from the Fairfax Market

Location: Disney California Adventure


Pineapple pretty much goes with anything, but when you combine it with the amazingly scrumptious lobster nachos at the Cove Bar, it makes an already amazing meal absolutely perfect.

5. Combo: Corn on the Cob from Adventureland + Mickey Mouse Crisp Rice Treat

Location: Disneyland

Corn and Rice Treat Disneyland

This combination was something we tried on a whim, and it was surprisingly delightful, especially if you get the chili-lime corn on the cob. Something about the chili, lime, chocolate, and marshmallow goodness of the crisp rice treat combine to create a burst of flavors that will have you ready to take on Adventureland.

6. Combo: Pretzel Bites from the Cozy Cone Motel + Ghiradelli Sundae

Location: Disney California Adventure

Prezels and Ghiradelli Sundae Disney California Adventure

This is a slightly altered take on the fries and ice cream combo from Disneyland. The pretzel bites at the Cozy Cone are round with giant pieces of sea salt. Combine this with the Ghiradelli sundae of your choosing (we recommend caramel syrup on that sundae, which pairs excellently with sea salt.) Expert tip: Alternate between the spicy cheese sauce that comes with the pretzel bites and the sweet syrup of the sundae.

7. Combo: Fried Chicken from Plaza Inn + Mickey Mouse Waffles from Carnation Cafe

Location: Disneyland


This is a classic combination of two amazing dishes, and what better way to create it than with a Mickey Mouse waffle? Don’t be afraid to ask for extra syrup for that waffle.

8. Combo: Corn Dog from Little Red Wagon + Raspberry Rose Mickey Macaron from Jolly Holiday

Location: Disneyland

Corn Dog and macaron in Disneyland

Corn dogs plus macarons are the food example that embodies how opposites attract. The corn dog breading is already a little sweet, so combining that with the raspberry Mickey macaron makes it even sweeter, and even more delicious. This is a perfect treat to enjoy while you’re watching the parade down Main Street.

9. Combo: Monte Cristo sandwich + Royal Street Bananas Foster Crêpe at Cafe Orleans

Location: Disneyland


The Monte Cristo sandwich is a legendary Disneyland dish. As such, it can only be combined with a counterpart that is equally legendary, and equally fancy. Thus, we recommend the Royal Street bananas foster crêpe. You will most likely need friends to help you will this feat, but that will make the meal all the more fun.

10. Combo: Turkey Leg + Dole whip

Location: Walt Disney World or Disneyland

Turkey leg and Dole whip in Disneyland

Have you ever dipped a turkey leg into Dole whip? We have, and it was delightful. Even better, alternate between turkey leg and Dole whip bites as you wander around the park. Everyone will be jealous that you are eating two of the most well known Disney Parks treats at the same time.

Writing this article made us very hungry, so if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to go get a churro and some popcorn ASAP.

What are your favorite Disney food combos? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 4 years Ago
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