7 Amazing Things You Have to See Aboard the Newly Reimagined Disney Wonder

Get ready because Disney Cruise Line’s newly reimagined Disney Wonder ship is back and better than ever! We recently set sail on the Disney Wonder’s first voyage since new additions and enhancements were made to it, and we are still dreaming about it. And telling everyone we know about it. And endlessly reliving the fun we had by swiping through all of our pictures on repeat. In short, we loved every second of our time on the ship! Here are some of the new experiences on the Disney Wonder that you just have to see in person:

The Disney Wonder at Sea

1. Tiana’s Place


We recently went more into depth about how perfect Tiana’s Place was here, including the entertainment, ambiance, and amazing food. From the moment you walk in the door, Tiana herself greets you, and continues to check in with you throughout the evening. She even sings songs like “Almost There,” accompanied by the amazing Crawfish Crooners. It’s so much fun, you will not be able to stop yourself from tapping your toes and singing along.

2. Frozen, A Musical Spectacular at the Walt Disney Theatre

“Frozen, A Musical Spectacular”

It is hard to put into words how completely magical and, well, spectacular, this retelling of the story of Frozen is. You will feel completely transported into the world of Arendelle and transfixed by the stunning sets, costumes, and puppetry.  The puppetry for Sven and Olaf was created by Michael Curry, whose designs are also featured in Disney’s The Lion King on Broadway. The production is also led by Tony Award-nominated director Sheryl Kaller, Tony-award winning costume designer Paloma Young, and many more amazingly talented creative minds that brought Frozen, A Musical Spectacular to life. We clapped, laughed, gasped, and cried actual tears of joy multiple times during this production. Simply put, it gave us life.

3. Disney’s Oceaneer Club

This fun-filled area is just for the kids! We were lucky enough to take a sneak peek before it opened for the day, and it was so magical that we felt like kids again ourselves. Here’s some of our favorite new additions:

Marvel Super Hero Academy


First of all, we got to meet Black Widow at the Avengers Headquarters, which was a life goal now completed. When younger guests join in on the fun, they get to train as superheroes in tons of amazing interactive activities. Best part: they are mentored by the Avengers themselves!

Frozen Adventures


Younger guests actually experience Oaken’s Trading Post in this amazing space. They are treated to an in-person visit from Anna and Elsa, and a sing along with Olaf. And yes, Oaken’s face pops up in a window every once in awhile to say, “Hoo-hoo!”

Andy’s Room


This is a space where younger guests get to feel Toy-sized in Andy’s Room from Toy Story. We got to wander around and it was a dream come true! Just look at Slinky Dog!

4. After Hours

This is a newly reimagined space for adults only, and there are tons of options for hang out and relaxation time in three very distinct clubs, pubs, and lounges.

Crown & Fin


Right in the entrance, there is a classic British phone booth just waiting for a photo op. After we took a photo (okay, ten photos) in the phone booth, we walked into the pub itself and immediately feel transported to London. Also, the authentic British pub details and decorations on the walls are well worth admiring!

Cadillac Lounge


The Cadillac Lounge has a brand new look, and it is sleek! Everything is inspired by the look and feel of a Cadillac. Plus, a grand piano and entertainment provide some seriously cool tunes. We felt so, so classy hanging out here.



Just had to point out this amazing chandelier, which is just outside the entrance of the After Hours area. It’s mesmerizing! Azure is the third of three areas in After Hours, and hosts live shows and entertainment for a more interactive lounge vibe.

5. Senses Spa



Reimagined and relaxing, Senses Spa is unbelievable. Above you will see one of the couple’s cabanas that looks out onto the ocean, complete with massage tables, and spa. There’s also Tropical Rain Showers, an Aromatic Steam Room, and an ocean view gym. Sign us up to be at this spa every day of the week.

6. Animator’s Palate Restaurant


Animator’s Palate was updated to introduce the “Animation Magic” dinner show. When you enter the restaurant, you get to draw your own character on a placemat. Then halfway through dinner, your character appears in a show on screens around the room, animated! We felt so famous when we saw our own drawing dance across the screen!

7. Palo Restaurant


Palo was recently madeover with really beautiful Venetian-inspired décor. The restaurant is an elegant way to spend brunch or dinner, while gazing out at the ocean. The food was delicious and the chocolate souffle is everything!

Take a look at this video highlighting some of the amazing experiences we had on the Disney Wonder:

We clearly had the most magical time on the Disney Wonder! It’s an experience we will be talking about for a long time and we can’t wait to sail with Disney Cruise Line again!

What do you think about the new additions to the Disney Wonder? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 2 years Ago
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