Feast Your Eyes on the Amazing Food Aboard the Disney Wonder

We recently stepped aboard Disney Cruise Line’s Disney Wonder to experience all of the amazing new experiences on the reimagined ship. There are so many things to see and do on the Disney Wonder, and one of our favorites was trying all of the food and desserts. Naturally. Here’s a sampling of some of the amazing places to dine and snack to your heart’s content on the Disney Wonder. Warning: these food pics will probably make you hungry.

Coffee and Snacks

Cove Cafe


This was a place we frequented on a daily basis. Okay, it was more like three times a day. The coffee is absolutely delicious, and there are sweet treats galore to go with it. Best of all, they’ll do Mickey-shared latte art! Top it off with chocolate-y biscotti and it’s the perfect morning, afternoon, or evening coffee fix.


We’re thinking we might frame the above picture because it symbolizes two of our favorite things: coffee and Mickey.


Triton’s Restaurant


We got to dine under the sea at Triton’s Restaurant on Disney Wonder’s Pirate Night, and it was fantastic. Donning our pirate-themed Minnie Mouse ears, we decided to look for treasure. In the form of the dessert menu. And we found it. Here’s a few of the pirate-themed desserts (specialized for Pirate Night) we tried:

Pirate’s Treasure Sundae


We’re convinced this sundae is the very definition of treasure. It combines the rich flavor of rum and raisin ice cream, and delightful chunks of pineapple. The fluffy whipped cream, caramel sauce, Florentine shard, and chocolate “Pirates in the Caribbean” sign on top made it that much sweeter.

Rum-Soaked Chocolate Cake


Look at the adorable Mickeys in this dessert! The chocolate decorated in Mickey-shapes was placed on top of the fluffiest whipped cream ever. The raspberry filling in the cake itself was so, so good, and of course the dessert was adorned with an “x,” marking the spot for yet another piece of treasure.

Bananas in Paradise


All hands were on deck for this sweet treat. It combines banana bread, hazelnut fudge filling, and banana spice purée for an amazing amount of flavor. Chocolate and bananas were meant to be, and so was this dessert and us.

Bounty Fruit Cobbler


This cobbler warmed us right up, with a delicious fruit combo of apples, raspberry, and more. It was topped with vanilla ice cream to pair perfectly with the rich mix of flavors. Yum!

Animator’s Palate


This is an interactive meal full of fun drawing and animation, which you can read more about here. The entire restaurant is animation-themed with sketches and art everywhere you look. Even the pillars are paintbrushes and the ceilings take the shape of an artist’s palate. So, naturally, the food was a work of art:

Appetizer Sampler Platter


First of all, look at the adorable paintbrush and Mickey designs on the plates! Second, this appetizer sampler was one of the greatest decisions we made. It was a perfect combination of flavorful bites of shrimp, salmon tartare, and smoked duck to start off the meal.

Sesame Crusted Sweet and Sour Tofu


It should be noted that there are plenty of options for vegetarians at every restaurant on the ship. We tried out this tofu platter and it was delicious! The sweet and sour sauced combined with sesame seeds was perfection!

Dessert on a Palate


No big deal, just the cutest dessert we’ve ever seen. It’s a palate … full of dessert! We admired it as we treated ourselves to the tiny delicious cakes and sauces that come with it.



For a more buffet-style meal during breakfast and lunch, you can’t go wrong with Cabanas. There are so, so many options. We ate here multiple times on the ship, whether we wanted waffles for breakfast or a salad with all the fixings for lunch. There’s also a table-service option for dinner with spectacular views!


You really can’t beat this view of the ocean as the ship sails along!



This fine dining experience was unbelievable. With amazing ocean views and gorgeous new decor, we settled in for quite a few courses at Palo and felt equally fancy and delighted. We started with:



And it was a splendid choice. We came to realize that literally anything on the Palo menu would be a splendid choice.

Pappardelle con Aragosta


Combining two of our favorite things, pasta and lobster, we savored every last bite of this meal. The lobster tarragon sauce was everything.

Palate Cleanser


We have never felt so fancy than when we cleansed our palate with this refreshing in-between courses treat of lemon sorbet. We were ready for dessert.

Chocolate Souffle


We think a picture speaks a thousand words here. This dessert was decadent and delicious. We obviously ate every bite.

Tiana’s Place


We detailed the amazing experience that is Tiana’s Place more here. The ambiance is amazing and Tiana herself was our host. As one would expect, the food at her restaurant is amazing!

Cajun Spiced Sea Bass on Shrimp Jambalaya


Throughout the dinner, Tiana checked in with every table to ask how they were liking the food. When she got to our table, we all cheered and clapped. It was that good. This sea bass and shrimp combo is something we will never forget. So spicy. So delicious. And of course we followed it up with Tiana’s famous:

Buttermilk Beignets


No words. Just respect and admiration for this perfect dessert.

As you can see, we were so lucky to be able to try all of the amazing food on the Disney Wonder. Everything was amazing, and each dining experience was completely unique from the next. We cannot wait to go on our next Disney Cruise. We’ll be dreaming of beignets until then.

What was your favorite food on the Disney Wonder? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 4 years Ago
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