Watching the Main Street Electrical Parade As an Adult

Get ready for some magical nostalgia. We recently attended the amazing premiere party for the Main Street Electrical Parade‘s return to Disneyland Resort, which included a viewing of the parade for the first time in Disneyland since November 25, 1996. I will always remember seeing the parade in the early ’90’s when I was a kid. The iconic music, the adorable characters, and the mesmerizing lights were something I could never forget. So, when I went to Disneyland to experience the parade over 20 years later, I wondered which parts of it I would remember from my childhood.

Me and my fellow Oh My Disney teammate took a place along Main Street, U.S.A (with an excellent view of Sleeping Beauty Castle) and prepared ourselves to take it all in. And by prepared, I mean we jumped up and down in excitement and cheered at random. As soon as the lights in the Park dimmed and the iconic electronic voice announced the arrival of the parade, I burst into tears of joy. So many memories came flooding back to me all at once. We first saw this float, which is at the beginning of the Main Street Electrical Parade:

MSEP Disneyland Mickey and Minnie

And it was like I was that little kid again, seeing it for the first time, yet feeling like it was just yesterday that I was on this very street in the ’90s. I waved at Goofy, Mickey, and Minnie vigorously and my face already hurt from smiling. And that iconic sign! It alternately flashes “Disneyland presents” and “Main Street Electrical Parade” and it is beautiful.

Next came some of my favorite characters in the parade: the turtle with the tie, the snail, the butterfly. Oh, and the lady bug! I remember as a kid loving the sounds that they made, and how entranced I was by their spins and turns. They are still just as adorable I recalled, and then some:

MSEP Disneyland Snail

Here’s another adorable character and one of my faves:

MSEP Disneyland Bugs

Then Alice from Alice in Wonderland showed up, commenting on what a wonderful night it was. Yes, Alice, it was a wonderful night! She looked so magical:

MSEP Disneyland Alice in Wonderland 2

Of course, the Caterpillar was not far behind, and just as noble as ever:

MSEP Disneyland Alice in Wonderland

Next were the Disney Princesses! First Cinderella in her pumpkin-turned-carriage, followed by Prince Charming and the Evil Stepsisters. Of course, Cinderella’s mice friends were there too! Next, Dopey of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs led the most beautiful wagon of jewels ever. Seriously, I could not stop staring at it. Everyone waved at Dopey and he waved back! Here he is, winning at life:

MSEP Disneyland Dopey Snow White

Next up was Peter Pan and Hook on the famous Jolly Roger. As a kid, my favorite character was Peter Pan, and I absolutely remember cheering for him when I first saw the Main Street Electrical Parade. Seeing it as an adult was no different. So far, I was learning that childhood me and adult me are the same when it comes to this parade. Next was Tinker Bell! She was everything:

MSEP Disneyland Tinker Bell Peter Pan

I pretty much had steady tears of joy the entire parade, as did my colleague from Oh My Disney, but then Elliot and Pete from Pete’s Dragon rounded the corner, and those tears amplified. First of all, I heart Elliot and Pete. Second, when the smoke comes out of Elliot’s nose it’s so cool! I totally remember being a kid and staring at Elliot in wide-eyed wonder:

MSEP Disneyland Elliot Pete's Dragon

Seeing Elliot on Main Street in Disneyland once again was one of the highlights of the return of the Main Street Electrical Parade for me. And as I watched the parade, I realized what an impression it made on me as a kid, because I had a memory of every single one of the floats. I’m so glad I had a chance to unlock those memories once again. Whether I’m a kid or an adult, the Main Street Electrical Parade brings me joy.

How excited are you to see the Main Street Electrical Parade back at Disneyland Resort? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 2 years Ago
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