(Matt Stroshane, photographer)

Everything You Need To Know About Star Wars Day at Sea

The Force is strong with Disney Cruise Line, as Star Wars Day at Sea continues to bring all the things you love about a galaxy far, far away to the high seas. On select sailings, the Disney Fantasy has one day dedicated to all things Star Wars and let me tell you, It. Is. Everything. Think Star Wars-inspired food, character meet and greets, music, and more!

As Oh My Disney’s resident Star Wars superfan, I was recruited for a very important mission … to sail on the Disney Fantasy and report back on all things Star Wars Day at Sea. Here’s everything you need to know so you can plan the ultimate Star Wars vacation for yourself!

Plan Your Day in AdvanceStar Wars Day at Sea

There’s a lot that happens during Star Wars Day at Sea, so coming up with a schedule for the day is definitely key. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Before Star Wars Day at Sea, you’ll have a chance to select which character meet and greets or activities (Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple) you’d like to do most. Tickets will then be delivered to your stateroom the day before that will tell you when and where your meet and greets or activities will take place during the day. Double check the times and locations before your day begins, so that you know where to go!
  2. Use the Navigator (the daily program of activities that’s delivered to your stateroom everyday) and the Disney Cruise Line Navigator App to help plan your day. In the app, you can favorite the events you’re most interested in, and create the ultimate Star Wars itinerary!
  3. Some activities happen more than once, so keep that in mind as you’re planning.
  4. In addition to the scheduled meet and greets, there are Star Wars characters who roam throughout Decks 3, 4, and 5 during the day. You never know who will show up, so plan some time to hang out around those areas to see your favorites!

Prepare to Eat All the Food

(Matt Stroshane, photographer)
(Matt Stroshane, photographer)

You can already count on the amazing food on a Disney Cruise, but during Star Wars Day at Sea, the meals are out of this world. You can find speciality coffees with cinnamon Rebel Alliance art and Star Wars-inspired treats at Cabanas during the day. For dinner, the menu features a full Star Wars feast with meals like Yoda’s Pappardelle Pasta, Sand People Salad, and Princess Leia’s Warm Apricot Pudding (pictured above). Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, after Summon the Force (a.k.a. fireworks at sea!) there’s a late-night buffet at Cabanas. And yes, we’re still hungry just thinking about all that delicious food that we ate that day.

Exclusive Merchandise

star wars day at sea merch

Star Wars fans tend to be collectors (myself included), and Star Wars Day at Sea offers guests a chance to shop exclusive merchandise that’s only available during these special sailings! There’s something for everyone including tees, accessories, home goods, and more, all featuring the the amazing Star Wars Day at Sea designs created by artist John Henselmeier. Pin collectors can also find exclusive pins that are perfect for the Officer Pin Trader Night, while art fanatics can find one-of-a-kind pieces in the Vista Gallery. Fans on our sailing were definitely into Star Wars name tags that you can customize, all written in Aurebesh!

Characters, Characters, and More Characters

star wars day at sea stormtrooperIf you’re a huge fan of meeting Star Wars characters (and let’s face it, who isn’t?) then Star Wars Day at Sea was MADE for you. Like I mentioned before, you’ll have the opportunity to select certain meet and greets before the day, as well as find characters around the ship. Whether you’re a part of the Rebel Alliance or the Dark Side, there are many characters to see and take pictures with throughout the day.

Fun for the Padawans …

(Matt Stroshane, photographer)
(Matt Stroshane, photographer)

This was my first Disney Cruise ever, which as a lifelong Disney fan was a total dream come true. The experience I had as an adult was so much fun, so I can only imagine how much of a blast all of the kids were having! If you’re traveling with padawans, or just love to see kids being adorable, you have to check out Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple. Adults can sit in and watch the little Jedis-in-training summon their courage and the Force. Padawans also have Star Wars-themed activities all day long in their respective youth clubs.

…and for Jedis, Siths, and Rebels AlikeRey's Speeder Star Wars Day at Sea

After you’re done taking selfies with Stormtroopers, there’s plenty more to do during Star Wars Day at Sea. If you’re new to the Force, check out Star Wars 101, which will teach you all the basics about the Star Wars universe. And if you consider yourself a Jedi Master, you definitely have to participate in the Star Wars Super Fan Contest. It’s the ultimate challenge for Star Wars fans, and fun to watch as well. Check the Navigator on your sailing for even more activities like crafts and costume celebrations!

You Can Watch All the Star Wars Movies
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Trailer 2 Still Jyn Erso

On sailings that include Star Wars Day at Sea, you’ll be able to watch all the Star Wars movies throughout your trip at the Buena Vista Theatre. On the day of Star Wars Day at Sea, you’ll also be able to watch the latest Star Wars film. On our sailing, we got to see Rogue One: A Star Wars Story in 3D! It’s truly a Star Wars fan’s dream come true.

Exclusive Star Wars GuestsAshley Eckstein Star Wars Day at Sea

Every Star Wars Day at Sea features the Guest Speaker Series, where you’ll be able to hear from some of the talents that bring the Star Wars universe to life. On our sailing, Ashley Eckstein, voice of Star Wars Rebels’ Ahsoka Tano and founder of Her Universe, was the special guest. During her chat with fans, she talked about Ahsoka Tano’s journey, starting Her Universe, and she made time to answer questions from the crowd.

Surprises You Can’t Miss

(Matt Stroshane, photographer)
(Matt Stroshane, photographer)

One of the best parts about being at the Disney Parks are the surprises that happen throughout the day. Star Wars Day at Sea is no exception, and fans will love the surprises that are in store for them. I don’t want to spoil anything, but I highly recommend you attend one of the Pool Patrols and plan to be outside when the Disney Fantasy horn plays. You can find times in your Navigator or the Disney Cruise Line Navigator App.

Star Wars Fireworks!!!

(Matt Stroshane, photographer)
(Matt Stroshane, photographer)

Did you know that Disney Cruise Line is the only cruise line in the world where you can see fireworks at sea? Then you should also know that on Star Wars Day at Sea, you won’t just get to see fireworks at sea … you’ll get to experience Star Wars fireworks at sea! During “Summon the Force,” you’ll be sailing the ocean while fireworks, timed to John William’s classic Star Wars score, light up the sky above you. It’s the perfect way to end a Star Wars-filled day.

What are your must-do’s during Star Wars Day at Sea? Tell us in the comments!

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