Quiz: Which Disney Quote Would Have Been Your Away Message?

Ah, the early aughts: The golden age of LiveJournal, chat rooms, and AOL Instant Messenger. If you were active on AIM, there almost certainly came a time in your life that was matched only in pentultimence by choosing a screen name. Whenever you had to abandon your keyboard to return to “real life,” you were tasked with the ultimate challenge: write the perfect away message to leave your buddies reveling in awe at your “kewlness.” Would you choose a song lyric that defined your current mood? A cool movie reference that only some people would really get? Each time this was demanded of you, the pressure mounted, and we know that many of you must have turned to quotes from your favorite Disney flicks in that hallowed textbox to impress friends, crushes, and the World Wide Web at large.


In case your memory has failed you, here’s a quiz to determine which Disney quote would have been your AIM away message:


Posted 5 years Ago
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