Quiz: Which Daughter of Triton are You?

We grew up in absolute awe of Ariel and her sisters. They were the epitome of cool teenagers: they did their makeup in front of their awesome sea-mirrors, they sang and danced in near-perfect synchronization, and, when together, the colors of their fins created a beautiful rainbow. We were sold. We spent hours playing mermaid in the pool. We accessorized our hair with flowers and fake pearls and anything slightly resembling a seashell. Today our childhood dreams come true as we finally discover which daughter of Triton is most like us. To say this is a momentous occasion for us would be an understatement, so we’re not going to say that. What? No, we’re not gently weeping. Just take the quiz already.



Who did you get? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 6 years Ago
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