Which Food Did This Disney Character Once Eat?

UPDATE: This quiz was posted on April Fool’s Day. There is no way to get a correct answer in this quiz, but it will probably still make you a little hungry. Happy April Fool’s Day!

Sometimes, you know your favorite Disney characters better than you know yourself. You know what outfits they’ve worn, where they’ve lived, what villains they’ve defeated, what sidekicks they trust, their major life achievements, goals, and ambitions—the list goes on and on. But do you remember what they ate between all of these momentous occasions? It’s time to test your culinary knowledge of the snacking habits of your favorite characters. Warning: this quiz will make you hungry.

Not like, super hungry on the level where you could take down an entire bread bowl from New Orleans square, but more like on the level where you could go for a Mickey pretzel with some mustard. But we digress.

Posted 3 years Ago
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