Quiz: Throw a Backyard BBQ and We’ll Tell You Which Disney Prince Is Your Soul Mate

Close your eyes and imagine this: it’s midsummer and you’re barbecuing in the backyard for a group consisting solely of your favorite people. As you’re about to show off your newfound grilling skills, a handsome stranger appears on the lawn cradling two family size bags of chips—one potato, the other tortilla. Peering past the smoky haze from your grill, you realize the handsome stranger is none other than a Disney prince. “Hi,” he says to you, smiling as if there’s no one else in the backyard. “I wasn’t sure which chips you wanted, so I brought two kinds.”

Are you wondering which thoughtful Disney prince (and also soul mate) has shown up at your backyard BBQ? Of course you are, which is why you must now take this quiz:

Posted 2 years Ago
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