This Quiz Will Tell You How Well You Relate to Goose the Cat

We’re all so excited to see the Marvel Cinematic Universe get its first female superhero lead in Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel movie, in Australian cinemas now.

But there’s another character everyone just can’t stop purring about and that’s Goose the Cat!

It’s about time for all the other cats of the internet to step aside because Captain Marvel’s loyal sidekick has stolen hearts across the universe. Whether you’re a fan or a future fan, you’ve got to admit Goose is pretty cute, right? Look at those big kitty eyes!


Take this quiz to see how much you relate to everyone’s new favourite feline, Goose the Cat.


We’ll get to see how Captain Marvel (and we like to think Goose) saves our world on 7 March. Get tickets to Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel now.


Posted 3 years Ago
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