The Ultimate List of Cars Quotes

Get ready for the most hilarious, inspirational, and energizing quotes this side of Route 66! If you’re looking for the best quotes from the Disney•Pixar’s Cars trilogy, we’ve got you covered with words of wisdom from some of your favorite Cars characters, including Lightning McQueen, Mater, Doc Hudson, and more.

Lightning McQueen
Lightning McQueen racing in Cars.


“I wanted to give the folks a little sizzle.” (Cars)

“They’re driving right by, they don’t even know what they’re missing.” (Cars)

“One winner, 42 losers. I eat losers for breakfast.” (Cars)

“Focus. Speed. I am speed.” (Cars)

“This grumpy old race car I know once told me something, ‘It’s an empty cup.'” (Cars)

“And there’s the insult we were missing.” (Cars 2)

“This one’s for you, Doc.” (Cars 3)

“I decide when I’m done.” (Cars 3)

“I’m coming for you, Storm.” (Cars 3)


Mater in Cars.

“Oh, he’s just a little bit shy, and he hates ya for killing his flowers.” (Cars)

“McQueen and Sally parked beneath a tree, K-I-S-sumthin’, sumthin’, sumthin’ … T!” (Cars)

“I know’d you wouldn’t leave without saying goodbye!” (Cars)

“Goodbye! Okay, I’m good.” (Cars)

“I sure wish he’d hurry up and get back ’cause we got a whole summer’s worth of best friend fun to make up for.” (Cars 2)

“Tow Mater. Average intelligence.” (Cars 2)

“Whatever you do, DO NOT EAT the free pistachio ice cream! It has TURNED.” (Cars 2)


Doc Hudson
Doc Hudson in Cars.

“I knew you couldn’t drive, I didn’t know you couldn’t read.” (Cars)

“You think I quit? … They quit on me.” (Cars)

“There was a lot left in me. I never got the chance to show them.” (Cars)

“These are good folk around here who care about one another. I don’t want them depending on someone they can’t count on.” (Cars)

“I didn’t come all this way to see you quit.” (Cars)

“Well, I really didn’t have a choice. Mater didn’t get to say goodbye.” (Cars)

“Kid, you can beat these guys. Find a groove that works for ya, and get that lap back.” (Cars)


Sally Carrera in Cars.

“It’s even better than I pictured it. Thank you.” (Cars)

“Because we are a town worth fixing!” (Cars)

“I hope you find what you’re looking for.” (Cars)

“Don’t fear failure. Be afraid of not having the chance. You have the chance!” (Cars 3)


Cruz Ramirez
Lightning McQueen and Cruz Ramirez Racing in Cars 3

“The beach ate me.” (Cars 3)

“I used to watch you on TV, flying through the air. You seemed so fearless. I wish I knew what that felt like.” (Cars 3)

“HE SAID YOU’RE OLD—” (Cars 3)


Jackson Storm
Jackson Storm in Cars 3.

“Wow, thank you, Mr. McQueen! You have no idea what a pleasure it is for me to finally beat you.” (Cars 3)

“I think you heard me.” (Cars 3)

“You had a good run. Enjoy your retirement!” (Cars 3)


Radiator Springs Sheriff
Radiator Springs Sheriff in Cars.

“What in the blue blazes? Crazy hotrodder!” (Cars)

“Mater! What did I tell you about talking to the accused? (Cars)


Fillmore & Sarge
Fillmore and Sarge in Cars.

“Fly away, Stanley, be free!” – Fillmore (Cars)

“Oh, take a carwash, hippie.” – Sarge (Cars)

“It’s futile to resist change, man.” – Fillmore (Cars 3)


Luigi & GuidoGuido and Luigi in Cars.

“You are a famous race car? A real race car?” – Luigi (Cars)

“I must scream it to the world, my excitement from the top of someplace very high!” – Luigi (Cars)

“Pitstop!” – Guido (Cars)

Which quotes from the Cars movies are your favorites? Let us know in the comments!

Posted 3 years Ago
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