The Definitive List of Eeyore Quotes

Let’s take a moment to thank Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh for his inspiring introspection, complete with delightful humor and iconic witticisms. We gathered the best quotes from the lovable character and can’t wait to hear more when Disney’s Christopher Robin arrives in theaters tomorrow! Turn that frown upside down and see what Eeyore has to say:

Eeyore and Piglet in Disney’s live-action adventure CHRISTOPHER ROBIN.

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

“It’s not much of a tail, but I’m sort of attached to it.”

“If it is a good morning, which I doubt.”

“Days. Weeks. Months. Who knows?”

“Thanks for noticin’ me.”

“Might take a day or two, but I’ll find a new one.”

“W O L. That spells Owl.”

Winnie the Pooh

“Wish I could say yes, but I can’t.”

“Most likely lose it again, anyway.”

“I’d say thistles, but nobody listens to me, anyway.”

“Sure is a cheerful color. Guess I’ll have to get used to it.”

“It’s an awful nice tail, Kanga. Much nicer than the rest of me.”

“It’s all for naught.”

“They made me catch the cold I caught.”

“Yup, I know how that feels.”

“Moved me to tears.”

“Thanks, but I’d rather stay an Eeyore.”

“The most wonderful thing about Tiggers is you’re the only one.”

Pooh’s Heffalump Movie

“The sky has finally fallen. Always knew it would.”

The Tigger Movie

“Most likely he’s stuck. Been known to happen.”

“No need to bother on my account.”

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Posted 3 years Ago
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