The Ultimate List of Sleeping Beauty Quotes

Sleeping Beauty is a Disney Princess classic. The magnificent music, daring adventures, and wonderful characters are just a few reasons why we fell in love with the story! Even though we might not be fighting dragons in our daily lives, we like to keep the magic alive by quoting characters like Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather. See all of our favorite quotes we gathered from the film:


“They say if you dream a thing more than once, it’s sure to come true.”

“Oh, dear. Why do they still treat me like a child?”

“Aunt Flora, and Fauna, and Merryweather. They never want me to meet anyone. But you know something? I fooled them. I have met someone.”

“Well, he’s tall, and handsome, and so romantic. Oh, we walked together, and talked together, and just before we say goodbye, he takes me in his arms, and then … I wake up.”

“But we’ve met before.”


“Well, quite a glittering assemblage, King Stefan.”

“Royalty, nobility, the gentry, and … how quaint. Even the rabble.”

“I really felt quite distressed at not receiving an invitation.”

“Oh dear, what an awkward situation.”

“Listen well, all of you.”

“Stand back, you fools!”

“Did you hear that, my pet?”

“Oh, they’re hopeless. A disgrace to the forces of evil.”

“My pet, you are my last hope. Circle far and wide. Search for a maid of 16 with hair of sunshine gold and lips red as the rose. Go, and do not fail me.”

“You poor simple fools, thinking you could defeat me. Me? The mistress of all evil? Well here’s your precious Princess!”

“Well, this is a pleasant surprise. I set my trap for a peasant, and lo, I catch a prince!”

“Away with him! But gently, my pets. Gently.”

“Oh come now, Prince Phillip. Why so melancholy?”

“The years roll by. But a hundred years to a steadfast heart are but a day.”

“A most gratifying day. For the first time in 16 years, I shall sleep well.”


10 Highly Questionable Pieces of Advice - Flora from Sleeping Beauty

“Each of us the child may bless with a single gift, no more, no less.”

“Little Princess, my gift shall be the gift of beauty.”

“Oh, silly fiddle-faddle!”

“If humans can do it, so can we.”

“Make it pink!”

“Good gracious! Who left the mop running?”

“A crown to wear in grace and beauty, as is thy right and royal duty.”

“Arm thyself with this enchanted shield of virtue, and this mighty sword of truth. For these weapons of righteousness will triumph over evil.”

“Thou sword of truth fly swift and sure. That evil die and good endure!”


“Tiny Princess, my gift shall be the gift of song.”

“Now, come have a nice cup of tea, dear. I’m sure it’ll work out somehow.”

“Now, dear, that isn’t a very nice thing to say.”

“I can only do good, dear, to bring joy and happiness.”

“Well, she can’t be all bad.”



“You weren’t wanted.”

“Sweet Princess, if through this wicked witch’s trick, a spindle should your finger prick. A ray of hope there still may be in this, the gift I give to thee.”

“And from this slumber you shall wake, when true love’s kiss, the spell shall break.”

“Ooh, I’d like to turn her into a fat old hoptoad!”

“Well, a bonfire won’t stop Maleficent.”

“I think we’ve had enough of this nonsense.”

“I still think what I thunk before.”

“Oh no, not pink. Make it blue!”

Prince Phillip

Characters Who Woke Up Like This_PrincePhillip

“Aww, come on. For an extra bucket of oats? And a few carrots?”

“I’m awfully sorry. I didn’t mean to frighten you.”

“There was something strange about that voice. Too beautiful to be real. Maybe it was some mysterious being, a wood sprite, or a …”

“But don’t you remember? We’ve met before.”

“Now father, you’re living in the past. This is the 14th century.”

King Stefan

“Seize that creature!”

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