13 Things You’re Never Too Old For

Age is just a number, we’ve been told. These 13 things are proof.


1. Mickey-Shaped Ice Cream Bars

Disney Things- Mickey Ice Cream

They taste better than other ice cream. It’s just a fact.


2. Unrealistically Large Lollipops

Disney Things- Lollipops

Sugar knows no age.


3. A Movie Marathon

Disney Things- Movie Stack

This is an ageless tradition and works with all different groups of people and in all different situations. Girls’ nights, babysitting, family bonding, and more. They’re all better after Hercules followed by Beauty and the Beast followed by Sleeping Beauty.


4. Recreating Your Favorite Movie Moment

Disney Things- Rafiki

This one gets tricky when the reenactment is in public. But we still do it. There’s no such thing as aging out of celebrating the new lion king. There just isn’t.


5. Character Ears

Disney Things- Mickey Mouse Ears

It doesn’t matter which character. This traditional Park-going garb is an ageless must.


6. Stuffed Animals

Disney Things- Disney Toys

Don’t judge. They’re soft and they’re really good listeners.


7. An All-Nighter

Disney Things- Monsters All Nighter

Fortunately, Monstrous Summer has us covered on this one. (Get it? The Park is open for 24 hours?)


8. A Hug From A Character

Disney Things- Character Hug

*hearts warmed*


9. A Car Ride Sing-Along

Disney Things- Princess CD

Song suggestions for you: Part of Your World, Almost There, and Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo. #classics


10. Favorite Show Reruns

Disney Things- Lizzie McGuire

Also accepted: favorite shows turned into movies, a la The Lizzie McGuire Movie.


11. A Mickey Mouse Watch

Disney Things- Mickey Mouse Watch

He tells time better than any character we know.


12. The Disneyland Fireworks Show

Disney Things- Disneyland Fireworks

There’s no age at which this gets less magical. In fact, good thing we only have one left because we’re overdue for a jaunt.


13. Dreaming

Princess Tiana Wishing

We had to, guys. Sorry we’re not sorry.

Posted 5 years Ago
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