Back in our day we loved Disney, just a lot more slowly and less impressively.

Kids these days have it pretty easy. They wait less, they don’t even have a clue about what “fast forward” means. Don’t even get us started on the concept of REWINDING.


This is how our movies started. None of that fancy computer animation logo. (Which is actually really cool and goosebump-inducing, but for the sake of nostalgia, we have a special place in our hearts for this castle.)

Back in our day Disney castle gif


And we didn’t have these sleek, easy-to-store and watch DVDs or Blu-rays.

Back in our day Disney DVDs


Nope, back in our day, we had clunky, large-boxed VIDEO TAPES.

Back in our day Disney videos Cinderella Fantasia Lady and the tramp


And whenever we wanted to watch a video, we had to live through that moment of truth wherein we opened the box and hoped that the tape was already rewound.

Back in our day video tapes

Because if not, we knew the next step was to sit next to the VCR and wait for that thing to rewind, wasting valuable Disney movie minutes!


You know you used to try to hit “play” just right so that you’d be near the movie but past the previews. Kids these days just get to pick a scene and start watching–the future is NOW! Everything is faster than fast… Which reminds us, back in our day, we did not have FASTPASSES.

Back in our day Disneyland FastPass

We did not know that luxurious feeling of speeding past a long Space Mountain line and right onto the ride. We rode that ride with the feeling of satisfaction that can only come from a good, old fashioned line-standing.


That’s right, when we were tots, we learned that good things come to those who wait. And we waited and waited for the Friday that the newest Disney Channel Original Movie would premiere!

Back in our day Brink Disney


We’re talking the good stuff! Brink! Quints! Zenon!

Back in our day Zenon gif

Okay, okay, they still have Disney Channel Original Movies, but these were the ones from back in our day, and that’s the title of this article, so yeah.


Back in our day, we didn’t have the internet to find out the latest Disney news. We had Disney Magazine! If we wanted to know about a new movie or needed to read 1997’s “Guide to Walt Disney World,” we had to wait for it to come in the mail.

Back in our day Disney Magazine


Speaking of balloons, we did in fact have balloons back in our day. BUT, they were not these impressive, balloon-within-a-balloon creations of the future kids have these days.

Back in our day Disneyland balloons


Not to mention how there are light-up balloons now too. Back in our day, we were just hoping above all else that the balloon did not float away, let alone blink colorful lights in the dark.

Back in our day Disneyland illuminated balloons


And light-up Mickey ears? There’s no way our 1990’s imaginations could have even fathomed this fashion.

Back in our day Disney California Adventure glow with the show ears


They even have ears that blink and change colors in sync with World of Color at Disney California Adventure, aptly named “Glow with the Show” ears. WHAT? Back in our day, we were just happy to get a spot on Dad’s shoulders to even see the show, let alone have our ears glow along with it.

Back in our day Disney California Adventure Glow with the Show ears


What kind of magic is this? We sure didn’t have it back in our day.

Back in our day Disney California Adventure glow with the show ears


Wait, weren’t we saying that we liked how things were back in our day? Nevermind; if blinking, interactive Mickey ears are what kid’s these days have, then we sort of wish we were kids these days.

Posted 8 years Ago
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