10 Reality TV Shows Perfect for Disney Characters

These characters “didn’t come here to make friends” because they already have plenty. Let’s face it, some Disney characters were born for reality television. Here are our picks for who would do best on some of the most popular shows:


Abu on Survivor

Abu Survivor

Abu has both street smarts and survival skills. He packs the perfect one-two punch for outwitting, outlasting, and outplaying all of his competitors. The whole ‘no food for 39 days’ thing could be somewhat problematic, but perhaps his pal Genie could hook him up with a wish… or two or three…


Pepe the Prawn on The Bachelor

Pepe Bachelor

This is one shrimp on the (fish) market. When it comes to the journey of love, Pepe is a king among prawns. Until he gets the call from Chris Harrison, you can read his musings about the current season of The Bachelor on his Twitter handle, @SpicyPrawn.


Tiana on Top Chef

Tiana Top Chef

Tiana’s got a beignet recipe that would knock Tom and Padma’s socks off. Her only challenge? Cooking with frog legs may bring back a few memories…


Tigger on Wipeout

Tigger Wipeout

The big red balls in the obstacle course are no match for that super bouncy tail.


Belle and Beast on Dancing with the Stars

Belle Beast Dancing

After a whirl around the ballroom, the highly coveted disco ball trophy would be a lock. To quote Bruno Tonioli, their waltz “has more frills than Versailles.”


The Seven Dwarfs on The Real World

Seven Dwarfs Real World

Imagine it: “This is the true story of seven dwarfs, picked to live in a cottage, work together and have their lives taped, to find out what happens when people stop being polite… and are forced to hi-ho.”


Ariel on The Voice

Ariel Voice

Mermaid knows how to belt it! Those judges would be forced to turn their chairs to figure out where all those flipping-of-fins sounds were coming from. Let’s just hope Ariel’s mentor doesn’t turn out to be a voice-stealing sea witch.


Mike Wazowski on America’s Got Talent

Mike Wazowski Got Talent

Stand-up comedians have fared well on this summer staple in the past. Add in the “monster who only has one eye and can babysit too” factor? Now that’s talent.


Bruce on Shark Tank

Bruce Shark Tank

Seems too obvious, right? Let’s not forget, Bruce is the (somewhat) successful founder of the “fish are friends, not food” club. He’s got an entrepreneurial spirit and a bite big enough to fend off Mark Cuban.


Cinderella’s Mice and Birds on Project Runway

Cinderella Project Runway

They’re resourceful, nimble, and masters of sewin’ and trimmin’. Plus, they know how to ‘Make it Work’ in less time than it takes to say bibbidi-bobbidi-boo.


Who’d we miss? Which characters do you think would be great on reality television?

Posted 7 years Ago
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