Rating the Many Hairstyles of Lizzie McGuire

Oh, Lizzie. We so admire her many hairstyles. No middle schooler has ever successfully rocked as many hairstyles as she did. So, we’ve decided to rate them on a scale from 1 to 10. Enjoy:


The Twisted Updo with Bangs – 9
Lizzie McGuire Hair_Updo
This is a Lizzie staple and she flawlessly pulls it off. This is why we are giving it a 9/10.


Curls with Accessories – 10
Lizzie McGuire_Matching
The only thing better than the Lizzie staple updo is when she matches her jewelry, clothing, and hair accessories. Clearly a 10/10.


Layers with Color Accents  – 8
Lizzie McGuire Hair_Multi-Color
Lizzie manages to pull off multi-colored hair which is hard to do.


Half Curled Bob Cut – 6
Lizzie McGuire Hair_Some Curls
Hair clips make this look. Half-curling hair is not normally advised, which makes this look a 6/10.


Half Updo Twists – 5
Lizzie McGuire Hair_Half Updo Twist
Like mother, like daughter. Lizzie modeled this look after her mom. The only difference is she left half of her hair down. We’re kind of unsure about it.


Messy Bun with Accessories – 9
Lizzie McGuire Hair_Chopsticks
Lizzie can be very crafty with her style. Can you tell what objects are holding her messy bun together? We can: chopsticks!


Updo with a Headband – 7
Lizzie McGuire Hair_Headband
Headbands can make most styles look great. We appreciate the use of them.


Crimped Hair – 10
Lizzie McGuire Hair_Crimped Hair
10/10 for this look because seriously, it’s crimped hair. Crimped hair = middle school nostalgia.

Posted 8 years Ago
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