Kim Possible’s High School: Home of the Best Welcome Sign

Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable had the privilege of attending Middleton High School, Home of the Mad Dogs. There are some things we could never forget about Middleton High; cheerleading Kim, long hallway walks with Kim and Ron, every class with Mr. Barkin and above all, the signature Middleton High welcome sign. The welcome sign always kept us up to date on new clubs, highlighted the best students, and left us laughing. Here is a collection of some of our favorites:


Kim Possible Sign_Home of the Mad Dogs


Kim Possible Sign_Busy Bs Get the As


Kim Possible Sign_Late for Class


Kim Possible Sign_Evil Clone Awareness


Kim Possible Sign_Reading


Kim Possible Sign_Welcome Math


Kim Possible Sign_Home of Double-Cheese Pizza


Kim Possible Sign_Kim Possible Student Driver


Kim Possible Sign_Geography Club


Kim Possible Sign_Mutated Roach


Kim Possible Sign_Philosophy Club


Kim Possible Sign_Science is Cool


Kim Possible Sign_See You Later Procrastinator


Kim Possible Sign_Ron Stoppable Learned Here


Which sign is your favorite?

Posted 7 years Ago
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