Life Lessons From Darkwing Duck

There is no question that Darkwing has taught us how to own the night and be a champion of right. But there are other important life lessons we can learn from the entire Darkwing clan.


You’re Never Too Young to be Ambitious
Life Lessons_DarkwingDuck_Baby
Baby Darkwing is all the proof we need: “I am the toddler that naps in the night…”


Trust Your Instincts
Life Lessons_DarkwingDuck_Gosalyn
Even though Gosalyn was told to stay in the car, her instincts, mixed with some curiosity, ended up saving the day.


Tell the Truth
Life Lessons_DarkwingDuck_Launchpad
Darkwing Duck: “Why do the weird ones always fall for me?”
Launchpad McQuack: “Uh, maybe it’s the mask.”


Stay Positive
Life Lessons_DarkwingDuck_Gosalyn_Tree2
You can find a silver lining in almost any situation.


Enjoy the Unexpected Moments
Life Lessons_DarkwingDuck_Lookalikes
Coordinating outfits with your loved ones doesn’t happen often.


Own Your Personal Slogan
Darkwing Duck’s slogans are not only good for his confidence but also for “terrifying” his opponents.


When in Doubt, Wear a Big Hat
Life Lessons_Darkwing Duck_Hats
There are multiple advantages to having big hats. Bad weather coverage, extra face protection, and most of all, mystery.


Family Comes First
Life Lessons_Darkwing Duck_Gosalyn
Darkwing and Gosalyn both came from not having much, but with each other they have it all.

Posted 7 years Ago
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