Troy Bolton Has A Lot Of Feelings

Oh, Troy Bolton, we love him so. He stole our hearts back in 2006 and we have adored him ever since. He’s the perfect mix of what we like in a guy: smart, athletic, sensitive, and great at singing. If we had to pick one quality we love the most about this Wildcat, it’s that he always wears his heart on his sleeve:


When we first meet Troy, he is so nervous to sing with Gabriella at karaoke.


He, of course, rocks it though.


Afterwards, Troy is more than a little thrown off by this new love of singing. He decides to work through these confusing feelings by singing and dancing about them.

Troy Bolton Basketball

This becomes a pattern over the next few movies.


He is also the the king of the dramatic exit. When Troy asks his dad why he can’t be a singer and the basketball captain, he symbolically drops the basketball and walks away.


Would you like some ice for that burn, Padre Bolton?


In the end, Troy finds the courage to attend the callback and sing with Gabriella.

Troy Bolton Breaking Free

So brave. (We also just realized how much we miss Troy’s swishy boy band hair.)


In the next film, Troy and the Wildcats spend the summer contemplating their college futures. This obviously leads to some teenage angst and some really poignant moments in Troy Bolton’s life…


…like when he and Gabriella break up, because Troy is too busy worrying about college to pay attention to his friends.

Singing while crying is not easy.


The breakup leads to one of the greatest Troy Bolton “too many feelings” moments of all time. We, of course, are referring to when he angrily dances and stomps around a golf course while singing “Bet On It.”



Here are a couple more GIFs, because it’s just that good.




After that, Troy remembers what’s important and wins Gabriella over (with a song, naturally).

Troy Bolton Everyday

How adorable are these two?


The final installment of the High School Musical trilogy focuses on our Wildcats preparing for college. Troy experiences feelings of apprehension as he tries to decide his own future. This causes Troy’s other amazing “too many feelings” moment, where he runs around East High singing “Scream.”






After that stirring number, it’s time for Troy and the rest of the Wildcats to graduate. Of course, Troy can’t graduate without making us all fall in love with him one more time. He decides to go to a college that’s exactly 32.7 miles away from Gabriella.


That’s love, everyone.


In conclusion, we love Troy and his feelings.

Posted 4 years Ago
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