Why We Want To Be Kim Possible

We all know that’s she’s your basic average girl, and she’s here to save the world, but Kim Possible is really the best. Who else could be a straight-A student, captain of the cheerleading team, AND protect the world from bad guys? The answer is no one, because she’s Kim Poss-ib-le. So, it probably comes as no surprise that Kim is at the top of our list of Disney characters we wish we could be. Here’s why:


Ron Stoppable is Her Best Friend


Whether he’s helping on a mission or just trying to make Kim laugh, Ron is always there for her. We could all use a friend like him.


She’s a Cheerleader

Kim Possible Cheerleader

Kim’s pretty much great at everything, including cheerleading. Some may say this is not a sport (an argument for another time), but Kim can back handspring and stunt with the best of them. (Side note: this particular author is a former cheerleader, so this reason is a personal favorite.)


She Always Knows What To Say
Kim Possible Theme

“So NOT the drama!” “What’s the sitch?” This girl is full of catchphrases and we want to incorporate them all into our daily lives.


She Has an Awesome Fashion Sense

Kim-Possible Theme 3

Kim rocked crop tops and dark green pants before they were cool.


Her Parents Are Awesome

Kim Possible Parents

An inventor dad and a doctor mom? Our parents’ jobs are definitely not that cool.


She Has Friends All Over the World

Kim Possible Friends

From popstars to circus performers, Kim always has the coolest friends to call on for help.


She’s Got a Kimmunicator

Disney Excuses for Why You're Late

Long before the days of smartphones, there was the Kimmunicator. It was the ultimate communication device and we still want one.


She Works with Wade, the Super Genius

Kim Possible Wade

Wade fits Kim with all sorts of cool technology (see Kimmunicator above) and helps her with all of her missions. He’s also a super genius, so we would definitely be happy to call him a coworker.


She Saves the World

Kim Possible Theme 2

Villains don’t stand a chance with Kim on the job. Her crime fighting skills are exceptional and we wish we could be as cool as her.


What’s your favorite thing about Kim Possible? Call us, beep us, (or leave us a comment) and tell us why!

Posted 5 years Ago
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