How To Tell If Your Entire Childhood Was a DCOM

It’s natural to reflect on your childhood with a little nostalgic tear in your eye. It’s also natural to wonder, in retrospect, if your childhood was possibly a more dramatic story than you thought while you were living in. Like, for example, was your life like the plot of a Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM)? The following are some things that might have happened to you if your childhood was a Disney Channel Original Movie.


You had a super awesome best friend that you could count on no matter what.
You bonded over boys (or girls), how lame your parents were, and the new hot musical act on the scene. You got into a little trouble now and again, but it’s nothing you couldn’t handle. And you probably spent far too much time chatting with each other via a device that was always in your hand.


Your closest friendship underwent a major test (or two).
Despite all the obstacles and all the perceptions and all the external forces, what mattered to one of you mattered to the other. You learned about each other, learned with each other, and learned to be there for each other. You also probably had an epic fashion sense and a yen to travel the world.


There was someone in your path trying to subvert your goals.
Okay, maybe yours wasn’t a really sassy lady-robot who was actually part of your house. And maybe she didn’t threaten everything your family had. But no doubt there was someone standing between you and a calm, happy life.


You were seriously skilled in the world of sports.
These aforementioned skills came in very handy at key moments when it seemed like it was skate or die (or at least skate or have something somewhat unfortunate befall your family). And then there was the whole rival skate gangs thing that you managed to overcome with great perseverance and style. #HelmetChic


You were cool in your own way.
It may have gotten you some negative attention at times, but you were a throwback through and through. You knew who you and your friends were, and you weren’t afraid to bring it to prove yourselves to others. And when it came to a little friendly competition, you had talent to spare.


You were more than just a pretty face.
You were not to be underestimated. Even when it seemed like people who should have believed in you didn’t, you believed in you. You had big dreams to be something and had a stop-at-nothing attitude to boot. It probably also helped that circumstances conspired to create the perfect opportunity to show everyone just how spectacular you could be.


Your grandparents were the coolest people you knew.
Yours might not have had magical powers, but you believed they did. They could walk on water, and fight dragons, and always make you feel like the best version of yourself. Plus they were the thing that united the whole family.


You might have had a slight discipline problem.
Over time, and through some strange measures, you got it under control. You learned to work with authority instead of against it, and you were more mature and better for it. You learned more about yourself, and came to understand the people in your life much better. Also you learned a valuable skill (or three) along the way.


You were a fish out of water.
You found yourself in an odd-man-out sort of scenario in your adolescence. You might have been pre-judged for the way you dressed or your after school activities, but in the end, you had the whole school singing your tune. You used your talents and passions to change the conversation and stay true to who you were.


Life took a left turn somewhere.
DCOMs are filled with that “you will never believe this happened” moment. So was your life. Things happened that you couldn’t totally explain and never could have predicted.


You were a separated-at-birth twin with secret powers who had to defeat Darkness.
Okay, this one’s a little specific and probably didn’t happen to you. (If it did, please tweet us at @OhMyDisney immediately because we have a lot of questions.) BUT maybe you had to team up with a friend to make sure a bully didn’t win. Good job.


Bonus points to anyone who can name all of the aforementioned DCOMs. You win.

Posted 7 years Ago
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