Why We Love Perry the Platypus

Did you even know that platypuses existed before Phineas and Ferb?
Before Perry, the platypus was a mythical beaver-tailed, duckbilled animal found somewhere in eastern Australia. Perry changed our lives completely, and we can’t help but love this semi-aquatic, egg-laying (TMI?) mammal of action! Here’s why we love Perry:


Those eyes. Don’t they make you want to gaze into them for days? Perry’s stare might even put Flynn’s smolder to shame. New_Perry
Beware the stare, ladies.


Have you seen baby Perry?!Screenshot 2014-07-02 15.40.57
He’s just too cute for words.


If there is one thing we’ve learned from the internet, it’s that people LOVE animals in tiny hats, and a platypus in a fedora is no exception. ComputerYes, we mean you, little guy.


Perry is the suavest super-sleuth ever. While other detectives talk through their clue-solving antics, Perry keeps it simple and doesn’t bore bystanders with monologues. mic
Less is more.


Speaking of sleuths and hats, Perry doesn’t go with the traditional deerstalker hat like those other detectives. He’s confident in his fedora. hat
Sorry Sherlock, but Perry doesn’t need an extra bill to fight crime, he’s already got one.


Perry stays strong through adversity. The life of a platypus isn’t easy. How hard would it be growing up not knowing if you were a bird or a beaver?! Not to mention having to constantly defend the tri-state area from Dr. Doofenshmirtz. We think it would be pretty hard. And yet, Perry takes it all it in his stride. We could all use some platypus perseverance!walk
Keep calm and platypus walk on.


Even though we place Perry on a platypus-sized pedestal, he stays humble. Perry never lets his awesome crime-fighting-secret-agent status inflate his ego! Even though he is the most amazing web-footed pet a kid could ask for. Perry
We’re sure that this humility also helps him keep his secret identity, well, a secret.


Most of all we love Perry because he always comes home. Perry Spin
Oh, there you are Perry!


So plata-fanatics, why do you love Perry the Platypus?

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Posted 7 years Ago
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