Why Gadget is the Best

The show Rescue Rangers might be called Rescue Rangers, but the real star is the innovative girl of the group, Gadget.
She was stylish, she was a genius, she was cute, and not just “cute for a mouse,” she was legit dream girl cute. Since it’s ‘90s week, we decided it would be appropriate to celebrate that “it” girl of rescuing and ranging, Gadget, by pointing out why she is the best.


Her Hair is Always Perfect
why-gadget-is-the-best-2 copy
Gadget’s hair is perfect in so many ways. It is perfectly ‘90s with her shelf bangs. It’s perfectly wavy and the perfect strawberry blonde. It’s perfectly in place all the time even though she has little mouse ears, always rests her goggles on her head, and is constantly running or racing around in the Ranger Mobile (which she undoubtedly made on her own). How does she do it? Well, she’s a cartoon, that’s how.


Her Outfit is Flawlesswhy-gadget-is-the-best-6
Want to know how we know that ‘90s styles are in again? Because we would totally wear this purple jumpsuit if we could actually find someone who would make it for us. The thing is, try as one might, not everyone can pull off a purple jumpsuit. The key to Gadget’s success is that she’s actually wearing a mechanic’s outfit but somehow manages to make it look chic. How is she able to do this? Oh, because she’s the best.


Her Last Name is Hackwrench
Do mice even have last names? Don’t ask questions you don’t want the answers to!


She is Super Smart and Talented
Gadget isn’t called Gadget Hackwrench for nothing. This girl makes things out of junk she finds laying around. In the intro, she’s repurposed a glove to be a space suit. Also, she’s found her way into space… AMAZING! If ever the Rangers need something invented or fixed, Gadget almost thinks TOO hard about how to do it.


She Has a Good Attitude
Even as the Rangers are riding in the Ranger Mobile, which Gadget has just announced has lost its brakes a few blocks back, Gadget is totally smiling and excited. If one of her inventions totally bombs, she just says it needs a “few minor adjustments” like it ain’t no thing. Maybe that’s why she’s so inventive, because she doesn’t understand failure. Whoa, deep.

Posted 7 years Ago
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