8 Muppet GIFs That Accurately Depict Our Excitement About the New ABC Muppet Series

It was just announced that ABC has picked up a new show featuring the Muppets! We’re their biggest fans, and, as such, are suitably thrilled. The show will be a look at the Muppets’ personal lives in the style of a mockumentary. The pilot was written by Bill Prady (co-creator of The Big Bang Theory), and Randhall Einhorn is co-showrunner (director of many episodes of The Office).┬áBecause a picture is worth a thousand words we’re going to express our excitement through GIFs (which are surely worth more than a thousand words because they’re moving pictures.)


We’re as excited about the new Muppet series as…


The rats when given extra coal.
Excited Muppets - Rats


Kermit doing a handstand on a moving bicycle.
Muppet Caper - Kermit


Rowlf tickling the ivories.
Muppet Caper - Rowlf


The meeces finally getting cheeses.
Muppet Christmas Carol - mices


The whole gang when Orson Wells gives them a movie deal.
Muppet Movie - All the Muppets


Animal during a drum solo.
Muppet Movie - Animal


Camilla and the chickens during during a big production number.
The Muppets - Chickens


Miss Piggy doing the shimmy.
The Muppets - Piggy


How excited are you for a new series starring the Muppets? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 6 years Ago
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