One of Our Editors Just Watched Gravity Falls for the First Time

To prep for the new episodes (tonight!) one of our editors just watched Gravity Falls for the first time. We don’t know why it took her so long. She loves animation, Jason Ritter, and mysteries, in that order. She also hates being out of the loop—and let’s face it—it’s hard to be in the loop on Tumblr without watching Gravity Falls. With tonight’s premiere looming, she finally sat down to check it out. These are her thoughts:


1. Dipper and Mabel are great names. Kudos to their parents.


2. I wish I liked anything as much as Mabel likes everything.
Mabel Pines GIF Gravity Falls


3. Mabel should be the next Bachelorette. I would rather watch her date than literally anyone on any reality dating show, period.


4. Wendy might be my spirit animal.


5. Now I understand this GIF I see everywhere. Yessssss.
Gnome barfing a rainbow GIF from Gravity Falls


6. I never went through this exact situation, but I understand this feeling.
Awkward sibling hug?


7. Can we discuss Mabel’s giant hamster ball fantasy?
Mabel Pines hamster ball fanstasy in Gravity Falls


8. Everyone needs at least one Soos-like friend in their life. Soos tells it like is.


9. This show is so quotable. I’m now wondering how many times I’ve missed a Gravity Falls reference in conversation. (Gulp.)
Mabel Gravity Falls Welcome to Your Dreams


10. What is that symbol that pops up at the end of the theme song? Tell meeeeeee.
Any important tips for a Gravity Falls first-timer? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 5 years Ago
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