9 Reasons We Still Want to Be Lizzie McGuire

It may have been 11 years since Lizzie McGuire last aired, but that hasn’t stopped our imaginary best friendship with our favorite TV girl next door. Here are 9 reasons why, after all these years, we still idolize this pre-teen who is just trying to figure it out on the fly:


1. She understood that shopping can be intimidating …
Lizzie McGuire Shopping
… and that having a buddy by your side can make all the difference.


2. Her inner voice is animated.
Ours is not. We are jealous.


3. She’s big in Italy.
(Okay, so her lookalike is big in Italy, but Lizzie still got treated like the queen she is.)


4. Her friends were the coolest.
The squad that conquers middle school together, stays together.


5. She’s been through awkward moments equal to the stuff of nightmares, but somehow survived.
Talk about inspirational.


6. Her fashion game could not be more on point.
Lizzie McGuire Style
It takes a real fashionista to rock a boa, hoop earrings, and tinted glasses.


7. She has great taste in men.
Lizzie McGuire- Ethan Craft
That middle part though ….


7a. On a related note, she got to kiss Aaron Carter.
Lizzie McGuire- First Kiss
[Insert repressed screams here]


8. Her family does awesome things, like pose for portraits in front of bean bags …
… and playing with bouncy balls.


9. She knows what dreams are made of.
We have never successfully balanced a book on our knee, while turning a stereo on with our foot, while talking on the phone, while cruisin’ the Internet.


Tell us why you think Lizzie is still the coolest in the comments below!

Posted 3 years Ago
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