10 Reasons the ‘90s Made Us All Disney Fans

Growing up in the 1990s had its perks. Life was simpler back then. No cell phones, computers were large, slow, and definitely not portable, and Disney was right in the middle of its second Golden Age. The ‘90s gave us so much joy and turned us all into the Disney fans we are today! Take a look back with us as we relive some of our favorite ‘90s Disney stuff and prove it was the decade that cemented our lifelong Disney fandom.


1. Disney on TV.
The ‘90s gave us amazing television, and Disney was at the forefront of it all. Picture this: You wake up on a Saturday morning. You roll out of bed and head to the TV. You hear the words “illuminating television.” It’s time for One Saturday Morning! Recess, Pepper Ann, and The Weekenders. But it wasn’t just Saturday morning cartoons. Ducktales, Tail Spin, and Goof Troop gave us familiar characters in awesome new stories, while The Little Mermaid and Aladdin hit us right in the imagination/feels. And if you (like us) were a big music fan, Disney Channel In Concert let you enjoy *NSYNC, LeAnn Rimes, B*Witched, Five, Britney Spears, and Backstreet Boys from your couch! What a time to be alive!


2. Disney Channel Original Movies.
The small screen fun wasn’t exclusive to shows and concerts. Disney Channel launched their Original Movie series in the ‘90s and we instantly fell in love. Amazing movies like Under Wraps, Halloweentown, Zenon, The Thirteenth Year, Smart House, Johnny Tsunami, and (our favorite) Brink all aired between 1997 and 1999. These classics helped usher in a new millennium and paved the way for movies like High School Musical and Descendants.


3. So … many … toys!
One of the best things about Disney in the ‘90s was the merch! Going to the Disney Store was just as good as going to Disneyland. The tower of stuffed animals in the middle of the room called to us, with all our favorite characters involved. The TIGER handheld games were our whole lives, and we can remember getting a PC game on floppy disc.


4. The beginning of Disney•Pixar.
falling with style
In 1995, we all went to the movie theater to see a movie that was made entirely on a computer by a company called “Pixar.” It’s hard to believe that it has been 20 years since Toy Story can out, but at the same time, it’s hard to remember a time without computer-generated animation. John Lasseter and his team gave us two more movies before the decade was done, but the groundwork was in place. The Pixar Revolution had begun!


5. The Disney Parks.
tree of life
Disney Parks came into the ‘90s fireworks a’blazin! No matter where you visited Disney throughout the world, there was something new to be excited about:

· Disney’s Hollywood Studios opened in Florida in 1989 (still new in the ‘90s, so we’ll count it).
· In 1995, Disneyland added the new Indiana Jones Adventure ride to Adventureland.
· In 1998 a brand new, reimagined Tomorrowland opened at both Disneyland and Magic Kingdom. Disney’s Animal Kingdom also opened the same year.


6. Bill Nye The Science Guy.
You’re at school on a day in 1996. Outdoor recess is cancelled because of rain/snow. You’re bummed that you won’t be able to play foursquare or tetherball with your friends … that is until you see your teacher rolled out a TV strapped to a cart with a VCR attached. That meant one thing: BILL BILL BILL BILL! Bill Nye the Science Guy (we just sang that in our heads, too) taught us about everything from space to insects. We loved the song parodies and always wanted visit Nye Laboratories.


7. Disney Adventures Magazine.
The best part of going to the grocery store with your parent as a kid was trying to convince the guy at the deli counter to give you a free chicken tender. The second best part was seeing the new copy of Disney Adventures in the magazine rack (right between TV Guide and Soap Opera Digest) at checkout. Interviews with our favorite Disney stars and comics and puzzles!? What more could we ask for!?


8. Radio Disney.
Radio Disney’s launch in 1996 was perfectly aligned with the rise of teen pop groups. If we wanted to get our fix of 98 Degrees or Hoku, we tuned into Radio Disney. The original jingle is still stuck in our heads years later … “Radio Disney! We’re all ears!”


9. Live-Action Disney movie cult classics.
Hocus Pocus
The ‘90s were a great time for Disney live-action movies. There was something for everyone. The Rocketeer? Newsies? The Mighty Ducks? Hocus Pocus? Cool Runnings? Heavyweights? Air Bud? The Parent Trap? This list could go on and on for a while. The movies just get better and better. Do yourself a favor: Go look up a list of all the Disney live-action movies of the 1990s. Guarantee one of your favorite movies is on the list..


10. The Disney Renaissance.
beauty and the beast dance
The movies from Walt Disney Animation Studios in the ‘90s are some of the greatest of all time. From Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin to The Lion King and Tarzan, we got to experience these true masterpieces in theaters for the first time as they were released. The best part was that they all had something for everyone! Thomas from Pocahontas (*swoon*) was every ‘90s girl’s animated crush, and every boy wanted to be Aladdin. ! Some of the greatest soundtracks of all time were composed by some of the best writers of all time. Ashman, Menken, John, Rice, and Collins’ work still can bring tears to the eyes of full-grown adults (us). These are the movies of our childhood and re-watching them takes us back to those glory days of Razor Scooters and Tamagotchis. These are the movies that turned us into lifelong Disney fans!


Tell us why the ‘90s made you a Disney fan in the comments!

Posted 6 years Ago
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