17 Things That Look Like Your Disney Childhood

We’re all kids at heart, yes. But somewhere down the line, you turned into a grown-up. While there are distinct benefits to this (deciding your own bedtime, having the right to insist on being called “sir” or “ma’am,” etc.), there are certain things from your childhood that you will always cherish. Here are 17 such things that look just like your Disney childhood:


1. Your Disney VHS collection.
Princess VHS Tapes
And their awesome semi-crunchy plastic cases. You wore these bad boys out.


2. Your Disney sleeping bag.
Ariel Sleeping Bag
This thing made you the coolest kid at slumber parties.


3. Your Disney cereal bowl.
Princess Cereal Bowl
If you were hardcore, you also had a spoon that changed colors when it touched cold milk.


4. The opening castle.
Opening Castle Disney Movie
When you saw this, you knew it was about to go down.


5. Your Disney lunchbox.
It made lunchtime more magical and more epic. Bonus points if you had the matching thermos.


6. Wearing Disney Princess costumes anytime you had an excuse.
Actually, you didn’t need an excuse. You just wore them everywhere.


7. Zoog Disney.
Zoog Disney gif
These little cartoons and you were very close friends.


8. Your Disney backpack.
Ariel Backpack
This was the only legit way to carry all your Disney school supplies.


9. Speaking of which … your Disney school supplies.
Jasmine school supplies
You had all the bells and whistles.


10. Retro Disney Parks pics that your parents love to pull out around the holidays.
The socks. The scrunchies. The perfect #tbt material.


11. This logo.
Nothing could compel you to wake up early on a Saturday quite like this block of programming.


12. Handheld Disney games.
These were good for hours upon hours of entertainment. If any of you guys still have yours, we are very envious.


13. This face.
Louis Stevens makes us immediately nostalgic for our childhoods.


14. Disney dance costumes.
Throwback to School, Lion Dancer
If you took a ballet, tap, or jazz class as a child in the ‘90s, there is a 100% chance that one of your recitals involved a Disney song.


15. Disney Sing Along Songs.
You didn’t know it at the time, but all that singing-along was training you to become a professional shower singer.


16. Your Disney Princess coloring book.
Disney Princess Coloring Book
Honestly, if you haven’t done one of these since childhood, endear yourself to your little neighbor and see if they’ll loan you a page—because coloring books still rock.


17. Disney Adventures.
How one publication managed to cover all of the issues close to your heart, you’ll never quite understand.


What beautiful relic of the past most reminds you of your Disney childhood? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 3 years Ago
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