Killian Jones from Once Upon a Time: An Appreciation Post

We here at Oh My Disney love a brooding bad-boy-turned-good, and no one fits that bill more than Once Upon a Time heartthrob, Killian Jones AKA Captain Hook. Over the last few seasons we’ve stood by Hook as he’s transformed from infamous outlaw into a bonafide hero and we can’t stop ourselves from falling deeper in love with him every week. Let’s all take a moment and reflect on all the things we love about our favorite pirate:

Captain Hook Once Upon a Time
Okay, so let’s clear the air and acknowledge Killian’s signature smolder.

Colin O'Donoghue as Captain Hook or Killian Jones from Once Upon a Time

Seriously, check out those eyes and try not to lose yourself in them.

Colin O'Donoghue as Captain Hook from Once Upon a Time 2

Aye aye, Captain.


And of course there’s his iconic bold leather jacket.

Hook Killian and Regina Once Upon a Time

We love that no matter how Hook develops as a character or wherever he goes, he stays true to himself (and his impeccable bad boy aesthetic).


Hook’s also been through some pretty awful things and made it out the other side. We can relate.

Hook Once Upon a Time 4

Not to condone piracy, but Killian got his start as a Naval officer wanting to explore the world before falling for the wrong girl (Rumplestiltskin’s wife) resulting in the love of his life getting her heart ripped out and Hook’s hand chopped off. When Hook committed to seeking revenge we couldn’t say we were surprised.

Hook Once Upon a Time

But at his core, Killian is a good guy.


Never turning all the way to the dark side, Killian fights for the ones he loves and will do whatever it takes to defend their honor.

Once Upon a Time Killian Hook and Emma Discover the Dark One Dagger in Camelot

And then there’s #CaptainSwan.


Emma helped Killian return to the light and brought out the true hero inside of him. And for that he returns the favor episode after episode.


And this is a ship made for the storybooks. Just look at the way he looks at her:


True. Love.


So here’s to Hook. The Captain of our Dreams.


Posted 5 years Ago
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