Meet the Contestants of The Bachelor

It’s time for another season of The Bachelor and this year we’re so excited to be co-hosting the official Bachelor Fantasy League with ABC and ESPN! Every year we love to predict who might win the final rose, and this year is no exception. And we know you’re the same. Just in case you need a little guidance while forming your fantasy team, and after careful consideration, here are my final four predictions, as well as other contestants of note:

Final Four Picks

The Alpha

Corrine, 24


As a business owner at such a young age, Corinne seems like she’ll be very competitive.


The Old Soul

Taylor, 23


Taylor is definitely wise beyond her years, and she loves words of affirmation, both of which seem to make her a strong contender who will stay positive and wise throughout the stressful competition.


The Dark Horse

Sarah, 26


Sarah has two romance novel references in her bio, but never actually says, “My favorite movie is anything about romance.” I like that, it’s kinda sneaky, and sneaky is always great when it comes to The Bachelor. I think Sarah will come out of nowhere and sweep Nick off his feet towards the end.


The Right One

Vanessa, 29


Vanessa is a special education teacher who speaks three languages, which is pretty cool. She seems to have an overall warm presence to her, which makes me think she’s probably genuine and patient enough to get to that final rose.


Bachelorette Superlatives

Most Likely to Have the Most Unique Job

Alexis, 23


There’s always one per season, and this year it’s Alexis, who aspires to be a dolphin trainer. 


Most Likely to End Up on Bachelor in Paradise

Elizabeth “Liz,” 29


Liz is a doula who listed coconut oil and fresh air as a couple of the things she can’t live without. That being said, she is the perfect candidate for BIP because she’s into nature and the outdoors.


Most Likely to Stare Off Into the Distance

Rachel, 31


Everyone knows each season’s Bachelor always gets a few good montages that involve him staring off into the distance, looking pensive and conflicted. However, only a few ladies get the same treatment, and this year I think it will be Rachel. Why? Because I read Rachel’s bio and it’s pretty clear how intelligent and contemplative she is.


Most Likely to Cry About Everything

Danielle M., 31


I can see Danielle M.  frequently being super nice, which will prompt the other girls to pick on her, ultimately causing her self-imposed exit. 


Most Likely to Have Thought She Was Going to Be on Luke’s Season

Christen, 25


Christen is an Oklahoma gal who loves wild mustangs, and, according to her bio, would choose to be a grapefruit above all other fruits and veggies. I can imagine her and Luke wearing matching cowboy boots and riding off into the sunset together.


Most Likely to Not Be Here to Make Friends

Josephine, 24


One of my favorite superlatives, this belongs to the one woman in the house who seems like she’ll start some drama. Josephine will probably be a tiger to the other girls’ dolphins (a frequent choice for favorite animal in the bio category), and she’s a former theater geek, which means she knows drama.


Most Likely to Have an Intro Video of Her Laughing with a Beach Ball

Raven, 25


Although Raven lives in land-locked Arkansas, my guess is that she’ll introduce herself to everyone with the kick of a sandy beach ball, which will be interpreted as “I love being carefree and fun!”


Most Likely to Reiterate That She’s “Here for the Right Reasons”

Angela, 26


We all know the contestants of The Bachelor achieve a moderate level of fame post-season. This could be one of those scenarios where the other women in the house start to believe Angela is on the show for the wrong reasons, which will prompt Angela to keep reminding everyone, especially Nick, that she is there for the right reasons.


Let us know in the comments when you’ve entered the Bachelor Fantasy League and what your team name is! Head to Oh My Disney Facebook today at 4pm PST to take part in our live draft!

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