7 of Our Favorite Moments From Once Upon A Time

Recently, I watched every single episode of Once Upon A Time, and it was truly life changing. I really don’t know how I went through life all these years without knowing about Storybrooke, the Enchanted Forest, and the real meaning of #Snowing. Needless to say, I have a lot of favorite moments from the series, but I’m going to try to break them down to just a few. Every Oncer needs a challenge and this is mine. I put a great deal of thought into selecting these moments, and considered watching the series yet again to refresh my memory. Honestly, I will use any excuse to watch Once Upon A Time. Speaking of, if you haven’t seen the series, be warned that spoilers are ahead. Without further ado, my list:

  1. When Emma breaks the first curse.

     I don’t know about you, but I spent the first half of Season 1 losing my mind because I just wanted Mary Margaret and David to realize that they were Snow and Charming!! As soon as Emma kissed Henry on the forehead and the curse was broken, I was like: Where. Are. Snow. And. Charming. Get. Them. Together. When they finally find each other (THEY ALWAYS DO) it’s such a great moment. Love conquers all. Huzzah!

  2. When we find out who Peter Pan really is.

    Peter Pan in Never Land in Once Upon A Time I’m not even going to write this one down, because it’s too good of a plot twist, but if you know what I’m talking about, you were shook.

  3. When Emma and Henry go to New York to escape Pan’s curse.

    This. Was. Heartbreaking. The curse was going to bring everyone in Storybrooke back to the Enchanted Forest, except Henry. Emma was the only one who could stay with Henry. The two planned to escape to New York City, BUT THEY WOULDN’T HAVE THEIR MEMORIES OF THEIR FAMILY. I cried when Emma and Henry said goodbye to everyone. A lot. It was one of those cries where I had to pause the show and take a moment, you know?

  4. When Hook and Emma alter Snow and Charming’s timeline but they still find each other.

    Charming and Snow from Once Upon a TimeThere is a really great episode where Hook and Emma go back in time and Emma accidentally throws off Snow and Charming’s first meeting. The two then go on an adventure to right the wrong. They basically get to see Snow and Charming fall in love IRL, and despite the timeline change, it still works out. #Snowing

  5. When Snow and Charming call baby Neal from the Underworld phone booth.

    Snow and Charming holding baby in Once Upon A TimeYes, there is a phone booth in the Underworld, which is run by Hades (obvi), and it connects Underworld residents to the living world. Snow and Charming want to make sure their son remembers their voices, so they call him every day to sing to him. I’m crying just writing this.

  6. When Regina realizes Robin is her soul mate.

    Regina and RobinAccording to Tink, Regina’s soul mate has a Lion drawing on his arm. Much later in the series, we see that Robin Hood has that mark, but it takes a while for Regina to realize it. When she does, she finally finds true love again with Robin. Then some tragic events happen which I can’t even talk about, because I’m still hoping there will be a plot twist to reverse them.

  7. When Snow and Charming wrote each other letters during the double sleeping curse.

    Snow and Charming were under a sleeping curse where neither of them could be awake at the same time, so they wrote letters back and forth. They also sent each other selfie videos with updates and … wow was it adorable. #Snowing all day, every day.

There you have it! Narrowing this list down was kind of like casting a dark curse upon myself because it’s really impossible to choose. Let us know your favorite Once Upon A Time moments!

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Posted 4 years Ago
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